Certified Refurbished Stryker 1007 SM104 M-Series

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Stryker 1007 SM104 M-Series Stretcher Features

Stryker’s innovative design for the 1007 (SM-104) M-Series stretcher set a new standard for effective treatment and safe transport. Supremely mobile and user-friendly, the M-series stretchers are perfectly suited for fast-paced and rigorous environments such as the Emergency Department because they help greatly reduce the physical strain on clinicians without sacrificing patient care and comfort. This general-purpose stretcher also has a 700 lb. (317.5kg) weight capacity, an increase from the typical 500lb weight capacity, making it one of the first bariatric stretchers available on the market.

  • Thermoformed ABS base with extra capacity storage tray
  • Less than 21-inch low height
  • Bariatric
  • Integrated utility tray
  • Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder
  • Integrated transfer board
  • Central locking Four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with dual-end brake/steer controls for efficient mobility
  • Dual side-mounted hydraulic foot controls with unilower pedals
  • Retractable Glideaway siderails for added security
  • Hands-free Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Constant descent hydraulics
  • Four integrated IV pole receptacles
  • 8” Omni surface casters with wheel covers
  • Dual pneumatic cylinder backrest
  • Stationary foot-end litter
  • Fifth-wheel steering mobility

Stryker 1007 SM104 M-Series Stretcher Specifications


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 700 lbs (317.5 kg)
  • Overall Stretcher Length: 84” (± .5”) (213.3 cm)
  • Overall Stretcher Width (siderails raised): 33.5” & 37” (± .5”) 85.1 cm & 93.9 cm
  • Overall Stretcher width (siderails Lowered): 30.25” & 30.75” (± .5”) 76.8 cm & 78.1 cm
  • Minimum/ Maximum Bed Height: 20.75”/34” (± .5”) 52.7 cm / 86.4 cm
  • Fowler Angle: 0° to 90° (± 3°)
  • Knee Gatch Angle: 0° to 40° (± 1°)
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: +16°/-16° (± 1°)
  • Minimum Under-Strecher Clearance: 6” nominal (15 cm)
    • 1.75” under the hydraulic cyclinders and 5th wheel (4.5 cm)
  • Optional Scale System Weight Operating range: 0 lbs. to maximum capacity of the stretcher
  • Optional Scale System Accuracy: Between 10° Trend. & 10° Reverse Trend.*± 2 lbs. of weights below 100 lbs. ± 2% of weights above 100 lbs.
  • Optional Scale System Environmental Requirements for Operation: 60° F - 80° F 0% - 90% Relative Humidity


  • internally Powered
  • Ode of Operation: Continuous
  • Electromagnetic Interface - product conforms to IEC 60601-1-2:1993 - Class B
  • Voltage: 6.o VDC


Every CERTIFIED REFURBISHED item has been reviewed by biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers AND a cosmetic team. All done be ISO certified workers and are tested before leaving our facility. 


This ensures a LIKE NEW product every time. The items have been reconditioned and tested to meet the manufacturer's original specifications. This process includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing any worn or damaged parts to restore the equipment to its original performance standards. The certification process is intended to provide assurance to buyers that the refurbished equipment has been thoroughly evaluated and meets quality and safety standards.








Due to the size and weight, this item ships via freight LTL tractor-trailer. (Think 18 wheeler). Shipping is not included.



Manufacturer 1 year warranty on this item. Please click here for more information.

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