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B. Braun 333697 Contiplex C Set with 30° Bevel Needle (5 Per Case)

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 B. Braun Contiplex C Set Specifications

  • Sterile: Yes.
  • Total Shelf Life: 36 Months
  • Dimensions per Case: 15.870 x 7.370 x 4.730 inches
  • Weight Per Case: 1.213 lb
  • 5 units per case 

B. Braun Contiplex C Set Features

  • Catheter tip can be purposely directed to an exact location without the need to thread.
  • Simple - one step process. Once the catheter and needle are in the right location, just remove the needle. The catheter is already placed.
  • Needle and catheter are introduce in straight line to make it easier to maintain the ultrasound beam.
  • Catheter is ultrasound visible.
  • Once the needle is removed the catheter can be identified due to it's straight trajectory.
  • Catheter can be secured without the fear of knotting.
  • The short 18.7 cm catheter is designed for easy handling and securement.
  • 25 Ga gauge size is less traumatic for the patient.
  • Contiplex C is indicated for blocks equal or less than 6 cm in depth.
  • Can take a leading or supplementary role depending on your practice's needs.
  • Provides the power and flexibility of a catheter with the familiarity of a single shot.
  • Helps motivate additional providers to utilize CPNB.
  • Boasts the potential for reduced catheter leakage.
  • Catheter seals the puncture site to further reduce leakage.
  • Ease of placements promotes its use for specific blocks.
  • Facilitates the bridge between Tuohy based catheter through needle systems or may be an outright replacement/solution.

 The B. Braun Contiplex C Set (5/Case) includes a 19 Ga x 18.7 cm catheter over a 25 Ga x 19 cm needle, catheter connector, 0.2 µm procedural filter, PinPad securement device, and 30 cm connection tubing. You can choose between either a 15° or a 30° needle bevel.

Warranty: Not Available.

An echogenic catheter-over-needle, the B. Braun Contiplex C Set is specially designed for CPNB (continuous nerve block). Extremely innovative, the Contiplex C has been described has the next evolution in ultrasound guided catheter placement. It's unique catheter-ver-needle design provides the power and flexibility of catheter with the familiarity of a single shot.



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