Government & Education


No credit check! Automatic Net30 approval!

If you are a school, college, university, hospital, or government agency we can offer you the facility to invoice your purchase orders on credit terms.

To submit your PO via our website, simply:

add the item(s) to your Shopping Cart, and choose the Pay with Purchase Order option during checkout


click on ADD TO QUOTE for the products you require, and fill out the form. 

If you choose to email your PO rather than complete an online form please send it to


*Note: Credit Terms are granted on case by case basis and are subject to review and approval.

We are an authorized CCR registered supplier to the United States Government.

  • D&B#: 114056331
  • CAGE / NCAGE #: 32DZ0
  • Tax ID #: 11-3641657

Payment Methods

For Purchase Orders we accept payment via ACH, bank wire transfer, or check. Credit cards have a convenience fee of 4%