Medical Office Design

Medical Exam Room designed by Midmark

Modern exam room design made easy.

ExamTablesDirect is thrilled to offer medical exam room design with Midmark to help deliver a better healthcare experience.

Whether you are opening a new office or remodeling your practice, we will work with you to create an office design tailored to your exam room layout and unique needs. The result is a streamlined medical office that not only looks great but is optimized for efficiency to help you see more patients per day and improve your bottom line.

An investment in an efficient exam room is an investment in your business.

  • See More Patients Per Day
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Increase Profits


Medical Office Exam Room Design For the Point of Care

Midmark believes that better care starts in the exam room.

Medical office design can make all the difference when it comes to streamlining patient care while improving health outcomes. Midmark takes an evidence-based approach to the design and layout of the care environment to improve:

  • Standardization: Reduce costs and improve efficiency without sacrificing the quality of care you provide.
  • Time Savings: Save over a minute per patient simply by bringing all vital signs acquisition to the point of care and using an automated device.
  • Patient Experience: Enhance patient-caregiver interactions in the exam space with a welcoming, accessible exam room layout.
  • Provider Satisfaction: Make it easier for your staff to provide care and access treatment sites with efficient exam room design.

Midmark medical office design combines new technology and connectivity to improve clinical standardization, realize greater efficiencies, enhance patient-caregiver interaction, and ultimately contribute to better clinical outcomes.

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Components of an Efficient Exam Room

Modern exam room design is equal parts beautiful and functional.

Discover the key considerations to a better healthcare experience that can elevate your practice.

  • Vital Signs: Capture important vital signs efficiently and accurately. The right vital signs workflow can streamline your practice and improve patient comfort.
  • Real-Time Locating System: Identify and correct bottlenecks in patient flow that create costly waste to design and maintain better care environments.
  • Clinical Process Improvement: Rethink the patient experience and find ways to create more value for patients with fewer resources.
  • Single Pane of Glass: Connect equipment and devices at the point of care and operate them all from one single screen to improve efficiency and simplify processes.
  • Americans with Disabilities: Accessibility in medical office design is essential to providing a safer environment and equivalent medical care to all patients and staff.
  • EMR Connectivity: Save time, provide more accurate measurements, and reduce the risk of manual transcription errors with a fully connected system.
  • Better Blood Pressure: Ensure accurate blood pressure measurements are captured consistently with the right exam room layout and medical furniture.


Medical Office Design with ExamTablesDirect

At ExamTablesDirect, we offer exam room designs tailored to your needs, including

  • Pediatric exam room design
  • Optometry exam room design
  • Primary care exam room design
  • OB-GYN exam room design

No matter the size of your practice, we can create large or small medical exam room designs to meet your needs.

Benefits of Modern Exam Room Design

Midmark exam room furniture is versatile and designed to last.

  • Modular cabinets can be placed where you need them
  • Durable metal material lasts longer and improves infection control
  • 5-year warranty
  • ADA certified cabinets
  • Individual QR codes for easy repair and replacement

All orders receive free 3D rendering of their exam room layout. Larger orders over $50,000 may receive an in-person lifesize mockup of their exam room design.

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